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ActivaPatch Trade-In Special

Trade-in Special! Trade in 1 box of IontoPatch 80, receive 2 boxes of ActivaPatch 12.0

Your Patients Deserve Better

For a limited time, we are making it easy to experience what iontophoresis is supposed to be. ActivaPatch® IontoGo™ 12.0 operates consistently with the desired efficacy of iontophoresis. Your patients deserve iontophoresis that provides better dosage accuracy than IontoPatch® 80.

In a recent study conducted by Dr. Michael Johnson M.D. Iontophoresis Patch Comparison: Short and Long Treatment Duration 80 mAmp*mn Devices, industry standard testing was performed specifically for product evaluation. The results comparing ActivaPatch® IontoGo™ 12.0 to IontoPatch® 80 were astounding:

Dosage Accuracy Summary

Dosage Accuracy Summary: ActivaPatch® IontoGo™ 12.0 operates at 81% specified dosage.

Importance of Dosage Accuracy

ActivaPatch® IontoGo™ 12.0 successfully operated at 81% of specified dosage to compensate for varying skin impedances. This compensation provides a safety factor for patients with low skin impedance. The higher dosage accuracy performed by ActivaPatch® IontoGo™ 12.0 means that the dosage delivered is true to what has been prescribed by your physician. The potential benefit of this has improved patient outcomes through reduced risk of under dosing which results in more pain for the patient, lowering their quality of life. Sampled IontoPatch® 80 delivered only 42% of the specified dosage.

Variability of Skin Impedence

“Iontophoresis patches are used on human skin which is known to have a highly variable impedance, both between subjects and over time. Subjects with very low skin impedance will receive a higher dose. The IontoGo™ (4.0 and 12.0) electrodes present a balanced approach to the variability of skin impedance. Both IontoGo electrodes undershoot the nominal dosage by approximately 20%. This provides a safety factor for patients with low skin impedance. Conversely, the Travanti IontoPatch® (80 and STAT) electrodes are heavily biased to under-deliver the dosage. They under-deliver by 30 to 60%.”
– Dr. Michael Johnson M.D.

Test Conclusions: Dosage Accuracy

ActivaPatch® IontoGo™ 12.0

  • Newer technology
  • Higher dosage accuracy
  • IontoGo™ 12.0 delivers 81% of specified dosage
  • Improved compensation for highly variable skin impedances

IontoPatch® 80

  • Legacy technology
  • Reduced dosage accuracy
  • IontoPatch® 80 delivers 42% of specified dosage
  • Less effective in compensating for skin impedence and timing


Feel The Difference

Our limited time trade-in program is simple, and FREE:
- Send us one (1) unopened box of IontoPatch® 80 containing 6 patches.
- Receive two (2) boxes of ActivaPatch® IontoGo™ 12.0 containing a total of 12 patches.

Trade-In Limit:
One trade-in per clinic location, with a maximum of 10 unopened boxes of IontoPatch® 80.

Trade-In Process

Step 1: Call Customer Support at 1.800.821.9319 to place the promotion order, and receive your free shipping label for the IontoPatch® 80 box.

Step 2: North Coast will send you two (2) ActivaPatch® IontoGo™ 12.0 boxes when promotional order is placed.

Step 3: North Coast will credit your account for the ActivaPatch® IontoGo™ 12.0 products, and any shipping fees as soon as your box of IontoPatch® 80 is received.

Your patients deserve the best, ActivaPatch®.

ActivaPatch 12.0 trade-in footer

IontoPatch® 80 is a registered trademark of Travanti Medical®

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