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Warrior Foundation

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Warrior Foundation: Freedom Station

North Coast Medical’s commitment to the military has a long history. Our co-founder, Frank Biehl, proudly served in WWII, and is one of 1.7 million Americans from that war alive today. Continuing our support for the troops, in 2013, we pledged $100,000 to Warrior Foundation/Freedom Station in San Diego.

Freedom Station fills the void for a transitional living environment that servicemen and women often lack as they return to life outside of the military. While they may not be in a war zone anymore, our injured servicemen and women face new challenges when they return home – the often untold story of coping with injuries, rehabilitation and a transition to civilian life. Freedom Station’s 12-unit housing complex consists of four apartments and eight cottages all surrounding a central courtyard. Freedom Station was ideally set up to offer the camaraderie that is so crucial to veterans during the transition period. They are able to feel a true sense of community as they recover among their peers, share war stories and know they are supported by others who understand firsthand the harsh realities of war.

Freedom Station also provides assistance with, and access to, professionals and qualified volunteers who assist with educational and career guidance, and other issues relevant to transitioning to civilian life. Founded by Sandy Lehmkuhler, a Navy wife of 31 years, who while volunteering at Naval Medical Center San Diego, became distraught to find that the hospital’s injured were lacking some basic quality-of-life items. Spurred by a conversation with two amputees who required special electric razors for shaving, she went on the radio to make a plea for donations and the Warrior Foundation was born. Since then, the Warrior Foundation has been dedicated to assisting military men and women who have served for our country in the War Against Terrorism. The foundation provides every kind of support imaginable, from airfare and hotel rooms for parents coming to their injured children’s bedsides, special sunglasses for those whose retinas detached after IED blasts, modified combat boots for prosthetic limbs, and hundreds of plane tickets to send warriors home for Christmas.

To pledge support and/or for more information, please visit: Warrior Foundation

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