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HOPE Services

HOPE Rehabilitation Services

From 1983 to 2017, North Coast Medical was honored to have HOPE Rehabilitation Services integrated within our operations. It began with the Biehls’ passion to assist individuals with independence and comfort in daily living. Aside from supplying products for this purpose, nothing more clearly demonstrates this desire than the partnership with HOPE Rehabilitation Services. In 1983, in an unprecedented move, North Coast Medical became the first company in California to establish an onsite sheltered workshop for special needs individuals. Working side-by-side, North Coast Medical and HOPE nurtured a relationship built upon a similar founding principle: the desire to help people experiencing difficulties in daily living flourish in their everyday environments.

Humanitarian Aid

The Biehls’ commitment has transcended throughout the business right down to the North Coast Medical family of employees. It is without hesitation the employees of North Coast Medical have chosen individually to participate in a matching program for catastrophic events. Employee contributions along with North Coast’s matching funds have enabled thousands of dollars to be sent to Katrina victims as well as those affected by the Japanese earthquake and tsunami. If not financially, employees have rallied together to organize and ship rehabilitation products and supplies around the world to those affected by natural disasters or those lacking proper rehabilitation care.

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