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Murphy Ring Splints® Sterling Silver

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Ideal for swan neck deformities.

Available in stainless steel spring wire that will not rust, or malleable sterling silver. Sterling silver molds easier to fit slight differences in finger circumferences and to set the desired amount of flexion to keep the PIP joint from locking in hyperextension. Use to restrict abnormal hyperextension while allowing full active flexion at the PIP joint.

Use on DIP or PIP joints for lateral stability and joint protection. Provide stability to the joint by turning the splint upside down for boutonnière deformity, or wear laterally. Appropriate for thumb IP joint splinting. Measure from palmar MP crease to mid thumbnail.

Sizes are the same as standard ring dimensions. For greater accuracy, use the Murphy Ring Sizer. Murphy Ring Splints® are sold individually or in a convenient kit.

  • Hazmat: None
  • HCPCS*: None