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Exacta™ Evaluation Kits

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Convenient kits contain tools for hand evaluation.

Exacta™ Evaluation Kit #1 (NC70142-HK) includes:
NC70142    Exacta™ Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer
NC70141    Exacta™ Hydraulic Pinch Gauge: 0 to 50 lbs. (0 to 23kg)
NC70101    Finger Goniometer
Exacta™ Evaluation Kit #2 (NC70142-HKP) includes:
NC70142   Exacta™ Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer
NC70161    Exacta™ Pinch Gauge: 0 to 60 lbs. (0 to 27kg)  
NC70101    Finger Goniometer
NC12772    Touch-Test® Hand Kit
NC12776    Touch-Test® Two-Point Discriminator
NC12708    Tape Measure
NC70100    6" (15cm) Goniometer
NC70158    Finger Circumference Gauge (cm reading)


  • Hazmat: None
  • HCPCS*: None
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Exacta™ Evaluation Kits

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NC70142-HK Exacta™ Evaluation Kit #1 In Stock
NC70142-HKP Exacta™ Evaluation Kit #2 Out of Stock