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Book: Basic Clinical Massage Therapy - 2nd Edition

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This superbly illustrated text familiarizes students with individual muscles and muscle systems and demonstrates basic clinical massage therapy techniques. Students see clearly which muscle is being worked, where it is, where it is attached, how it can be accessed manually, what problems it can cause, and how treatment techniques are performed. This edition features improved illustrations of draping and includes palpation for each muscle.

An accompanying Real Bodywork DVD includes video demonstrations of massage techniques from the book.

Features include:

  • Unparalleled artwork: More than 550 full-color illustrations of internal structures directly in photographs of live models plus images of the surrounding structures, surface landmarks, and the therapist's hand.
  • Embedding illustration of internal structures into photographs of live models shows exactly what muscle is being worked on, where it is, where it is attached, how it can be accessed manually, what kind of problems it can cause, and one or more basic techniques for effective treatment.
  • Technique illustration with arrows to show the direction of the moving strokes
  • Muscles sections are broken down by: Name, Pronunciation, Etymology, Overview, Comments, Attachments, Actions, Caution, Pain Referral Zone, Other Muscles to Examine, and Description of one or more basic treatment techniques
  • Organized by body regions that have functional, topographical, and clinical coherence
  • Icons highlight particular information throughout the text, such as Attachments, Actions, Caution, Referral Areas, Other Muscles to Examine, Manual Therapy, and Palpation
  • Coverage of techniques such as compression, stripping massage, myofascial stretching, and cross-fiber friction
  • Inclusion of some special considerations, including pregnancy and children
  • Suggestions of draping options with reference to corresponding illustrations of draping techniques
  • Appendices on Pain Referral Zones by Region; Greek and Latin Prefixes and Suffixes; Terms of Reference, Position, and Movement
  • New to this Edition; Artwork updated to include improved draping demonstration
  • New to this Edition; Palpation entries now included in each muscle section

By David Pounds, Certified Medical Illustrator, D. Pounds Illustration: Biomedical Illustration and Communication, Winston-Salem, NC and James H. Clay MMH, NCTMB. The Pain and Posture Clinic, Winston-Salem, NC.  Hardbound 443 pages. Publication date 2006

  • Hazmat: None
  • HCPCS*: None
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Basic Clinical Massage Therapy - 2nd Edition

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