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Book: Outcome-Based Massage - 3rd Edition

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Outcome-Based MassageTM: Putting Evidence into Practice (3rd edition) goes beyond an update of the content of the second edition. In this book, Dr Andrade and a team of contributors who represent the fields of massage therapy, physical therapy, athletic training, education, psychology, medicine, and physiology take the student or practicing clinician to the next level of using Outcome-Based MassageTM in daily clinical practice. This edition enhances and builds upon the strengths of the first two editions as follows:
·         Fully updated chapters provide a comprehensive approach to assessment, treatment design, and treatment delivery
·         Streamlined presentation of theory and practice enhances the teaching and learning experience
·         Quick Treatment Guides provide a colorful, immediate reference for anatomy, pathophysiology, impairments, and wellness goals for 16 musculoskeletal conditions
·         New section on the scientific basis of soft-tissue examination provides students and practitioners with the very latest understanding of the emerging body of knowledge in this field
·         Review sections in each chapter provide Takeaways that summarize key concepts, critical thinking questions, and clinical cases that illustrate the practical application of the concepts discussed in the chapter
·         Precise, instructive photographs and videos give students and practitioners clear, direct guidance for using the techniques presented in this text
Learning Objectives guide students' engagement with each chapter
Examining the Evidence teaches students how to read and use research in their practice.
Practice Sequences provide a starting point for massage, with encouragement for students to explore variations on their own.
"Takeaways" summarize essential points in each chapter to help students review and retain principles discussed.
Clinical Cases describe a case in terms of clinical findings (subjective and objective) and treatment approach (outcomes desired and practice)
Critical Thinking Questions further encourage students' engagement with the material in the chapter.
Extensive references and reading lists serve to validate the approach presented and to give readers directions for exploring further.
4-color Quick Treatment Guides in Chapter 14 are an at-your-fingertips resource for quickly refreshing your understanding of affected anatomy, physiology, and contraindications, and suggests massage techniques relevant to different conditions.
By Carla-Krystin Andrade PhD, PT
Assistant Clinical Professor, University of California--San Francisco, San Francisco State University Graduate Program in Physical Therapy, San Francisco, CA; Physical Therapist (on call), Pacifica Nursing and Rehabilitation
Edition: 3
ISBN/ISSN: 9781469835297
Product Format: VST PDF
Trim Size: 8.375 x 10.875
Pages: 560
Pub Date: 2013
Weight: 0
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Outcome-Based Massage - 3rd Edition

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