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MuscleAidTape­™ NBA Rolls

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Strengthen performance, relieve muscle pain, and facilitate healing.

  • MuscleAidTape™ utilizes the latest sports medicine taping technology to provide drug-free muscle and joint pain relief. It provides strong support while increasing blood circulation to facilitate rapid healing.
  • The wave-patterned adhesive design of MuscleAidTape™ allows it to have the same flexibility as human muscles, offering a gentle yet effective way to re-educate the neuromuscular system, improve blood circulation, and relieve pain by providing comfort and stability to your body.
  • MuscleAidTape™ provides excellent air permeability to let your skin breathe while letting sweat evaporate and is water-resistant.
  • It’s the perfect aid for people of all athletic levels and even for your everyday muscle pain relief.
  • Pop-up display carton holds 6 rolls.
  • Not made with natural rubber latex.

Available In:

  • Single rolls measure 2" x 16' (5cm x 5m).
  • Display Cartons include 6 single roll boxes.
  • 12 NBA design options.

Single Rolls
Each Roll Weight: 0.3 lbs.
Singles Master Carton Quantity: 120 pcs. 

Singles GTIN barcodes
MT2164-BOC-RL- 853697005007
MT2164-CHB-RL - 853697005021
MT2164-CLC-RL - 853697005038
MT2164-GNBA-RL - 853697005175
MT2164-GSW-RL - 853697005076
MT2164-HSR-RL - 853697005083
MT2164-LAC-RL - 853697005106
MT2164-LAL-RL - 853697005113
MT2164-MIH-RL - 853697005120
MT2164-NYK-R - 853697005137
MT2164-OCT-RL - 853697005144
MT2164-SAS-RL - 853697005168

Display Carton (6) Rolls
Case Specifications
Master Carton Quantity: 20 pcs.
Master Carton Weight: 34 lbs.
Master Carton Dimensions: 14 x 13 x 20in.

Retail Ready: Yes, shelf able (peg able, hang able)
Virtual Showroom™ Approved: Yes (Includes Display Carton)


  • Hazmat: None
  • HCPCS*: None
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