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MYOTECH™ Dry Needles

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Produced in collaboration with healthcare practitioners and researchers specifically for dry needling.

  • High grade German surgical steel.
  • Parylene coated needle body for maximum comfort upon insertion.
  • Provides click/release with high visual blue dot glue adhesive.
  • Thicker aluminum handle allows improved grip, better dexterity, deep penetration and smooth insertion.
  • Micro-channeled body tube.
  • 100 sterile needles per box.
  • FDA certified.

Red Coral Dry Needle Comparison Chart


Product Availability
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Unit Specifications
Shipping Weight: 80 – 160g.
Box Dimensions: Varies according to needle size.
2.3in x 2.1in x 2.3in – 2.3in x 2.1in x 5.5in

Individual Unit GTIN barcodes
RCM1630 - 9351885001165
RCM1830 - 9351885000670
RCM1840 - 9351885000687
RCM2215 - 9351885000656
RCM2530 - 9351885000106
RCM2540 - 9351885000113
RCM2550 - 9351885001110
RCM2570 - 9351885000694
RCM3030 - 9351885000120
RCM3040 - 9351885000137
RCM3050 - 9351885000144
RCM3060 - 9351885000151
RCM3075 - 9351885000168
RCM30100 - 9351885000175
RCM40100 - 9351885000182
RCM45135 - 9351885000199

Inner Case Specifications
Inner Case Quantity: 10 Boxes.
Inner Case Shipping Weight: 2 - 3 lbs.
Carton Dimensions: Varies according to needle size.
53mm x 84mm x 93mm – 60mm x 72mm x 180mm

Master Case Specifications
Master Carton Quantity: 100 pcs.
Master Carton Shipping Weight: 19 - 36 lbs.
Carton Dimensions: Varies according to needle size. 
29cm x 27.5cm x 49cm – 80.5cm x 32.5cm x 32.5cm

Virtual Showroom™ Approved: No


  • Hazmat: None
  • HCPCS*: 97799
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MYOTECH™ Dry Needles

Item Number Diameter Length You Get Availability Price Qty
RCM1630 0.16mm 30mm 100 pieces In Stock
RCM1830 0.18mm 30mm 100 pieces In Stock
RCM2215 0.22mm 15mm 100 pieces In Stock
RCM2540 0.25mm 40mm 100 pieces In Stock
RCM2570 0.25mm 70mm 100 pieces In Stock
RCM3030 0.30mm 30mm 100 pieces In Stock
Item Number Price Qty
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