Functional Dexterity Test™

Quick and simple dexterity test for adults and children as described in the Journal of Hand Therapy* and Journal Hand Surgery America*.

  • Improve hand-eye coordination, instruction following, concentration, problem solving, multitasking and pattern recognition.
  • Help log and track hand coordination, flexibility and dexterity.
  • Tests dynamic in-hand manipulation using 3 jaw chuck prehension rather than static grip or grasp-release patterns examined by other dexterity tests.
  • Test involves turning 16 pegs over as quickly as possible in a sequential manner.
  • Takes less than two minutes to administer, accommodating both a child’s attention span and a busy clinic setting.
  • Includes the Adult Functional Level Score Sheet based on hand dominance and normal speed of performing activities of daily living using a three-jaw chuck prehension pattern.
  • Provides a "growth chart" for the pediatrics population to predict dexterity developmentally.
  • Hardwood board measures 8" (21cm) square, and has a locking cover. The wooden pegs measure 9/10" (2.2cm) in diameter and 1-6/10" (4.0cm) in length.


*Dorit Aaron, Caroline W. Jansen, “Development of the Functional Dexterity Test (FDT),” Journal of Hand Therapy, vol. 16. (Jan.-Mar 2003): 12-21. (adult paper)

Gloria Gogola, Paul Velleman, Shuai Xu, Adianne Morse, Barbara Lacy, Dorit Aaron, “Hand Dexterity in Children: Administration and Normative Values of the Functional Dexterity Test,” Journal of Hand Surgery America, vol.38, (December 2013)

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  • Hazmat: None
  • HCPCS*: None

Scientific Article

Hand Dexterity in Children

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Functional Dexterity Test™

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