HIVADOT™ Deep Oscillation Therapy Device

  • The HIVADOT™ uses an electrostatic field to create deep but pleasantly soft oscillation to the area being treated including skin, connective tissue and blood and lymph vessels.
  • Prevents a buildup of fluid to assist with an increased healing process.
  • Creates a gentle vibration within the tissues, which relaxes the underlying muscles, making soft tissues more pliable for manipulations aimed at increasing range of motion.
  • Multi-Color Display with a Simple-to-Use Interface.
  • ONE Practice-Specific Protocol Card for Rehab, Athletic, Chiropractic Treatments.
  • Option to Administer Deep Oscillation Using Hands Through Vinyl Gloves.
  • Self-Treatment Accessories Included.
  • Easily Transportable, Lightweight, Handheld Design.
  • Five User Defined Favorites Storage.
  • Internal Rechargeable Replaceable Battery Lasting Up to 6 Hours.
  • Only Requires 2 Hours for a full charge.
  • Countertop stand for storage and charging.
  • Secure pin connected accessories.
  • 3 Year Warranty.
  • FDA Approved.

Product includes
(1) Each of the following:

  • HIVADOT device w/ rechargeable battery installed
  • Carrying Case
  • 5.5cm Oscillating Head
  • 10cm Oscillating Head
  • Applicator Handle
  • Titanium Element
  • USB Cord with Wall Charger
  • Pack of MultiStim 2” x 2” Electrodes (4/pk)
  • Box of Vinyl Gloves (100/box)
  • Instruction Manual
  • WHITE Electrode Lead wires (Set of 2)
  • GREY Applicator Lead wires (Set of 2)


  • Hazmat: None
  • HCPCS*: None
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HIVADOT™ Deep Oscillation Therapy Device

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Description:   HIVADOT™ Deep Oscillation Therapy Device

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