Achieva™ Sock-Assist™

Unique features make this the most extraordinary sock aid on the market.

  • The easy-to-use Achieva™ Sock-Assist™ lays flat on the floor, accommodates feet and calves of all sizes, has a non-stick surface and pulls the sock up the calf instead of releasing it at the ankle.
  • Its innovative design allows easy donning of socks or knee-high nylons using one or two hands. Also works with elastic compression hose.
  • Two side wings keep the sock on the Sock-Assist™ until it is released on the calf.
  • Center tongue helps ease the sock onto the device.
  • Flexible polypropylene “gives” to accommodate socks.
  • Flat bottom surface prevents the Sock-Assist™ from rolling.
  • Wide foot bed accommodates average to wide feet. Width ranges from 4.5" to 5.5". Length measures 7".
  • Contoured side walls help hold the sock on the device.
  • Rear flares prevent the cord from rubbing against the skin.
  • Textured surface prevents skin from sticking to the sock aid.
  • Available in two models, With Loop Handle and With Two Cord Handles
  • The 24" (61 cm) cord handles can be cut to adjust length.



  • Hazmat: None
  • HCPCS*: None

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Achieva™ Sock-Assist™

Item Number Model Availability Price Qty
NC32500 With Loop Handle In Stock
NC32502 With Two Cord Handles In Stock
Item Number Price Qty
In Stock
Model:   With Loop Handle
In Stock
Model:   With Two Cord Handles

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